Vorto the Pirate #14
January 23, 2016
Martin Pope

Welcome to Uncle Robot

Your whole life it's the same thing:  "Do what you're told.  Study hard.  Get into a good college.  Get a good job.  Impress the boss.  Get the raise.  Make the big bucks and buy the thing that your neighbor has."  And it's never enough and never enough and never enough until they put you in a box and pour dirt on your head.

Well, there's someone who doesn't care if you do what you're supposed to.  He doesn't care if you get the promotion, get married or get your homework done.  There's trouble to cause, pizza to eat, and comics to read.  And if you wanna sleep in your clothes, that's fine too. 

He's not your Dad.  He's your Uncle. 

Uncle Robot!

So what are you waiting for? Nobody's looking. 


*Uncle Robot is dedicated to bringing you entertainment that will rot your brain, and is 100% guaranteed not to contain any educational content.  If you learn some- thing here, that's on you.

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