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Vorto the Pirate Promotional Daily #1 - March 06, 2016

Vorto the Pirate Promotional Strip #1 In which we see Vorto in action with his crew at some hypothetical later date. Ping and Dromo are present of course, as are Queen Livia and Alwilda, both of whom I am over anxious to introduce, but who must unfortunately wait until the story gets around to them. Alwilda features her new Pam Grier inspired design, which I am excited about. And of course, Vorto features his trademark overconfidence and impulsiveness. This is a rough example of what a daily strip would look like if I ever raise enough money to embark on that project. It was drawn as an experiment, and to be featured on postcards and advertisements, and is in imitation of the kinds of promotion that would have been published as an ad in the newspaper for an upcoming addition of a new comic strip, or would be in the promotional art sent to newspaper editors in the hopes of getting them to add a strip to their line up.